Insulation resistance tester is special for test laboratory or on-site insulation test, which built in high precision micro-current measurement system and digital voltage boost system. It is measured only by one high voltage cable and one signal cable connecting with test object. The test result is showed on big LCD screen and saved automatically.
 32-digit micro controller to control,convenient operation.
 Automatically calculate absorptance and Polarization index. Automatic saving data per min at the time of 15s, 1min, 10mins.
 Big output current. Short circuit current is lower than 5mA.
 Strong anti-interference, meet requirements of extra-high voltage substation on-site operation.
 Automatically discharge after test, real time monitoring discharge process.
 Built-in rechargeable battery and charger. Continuous working 6-12hours after full charging.
 Accuracy: ±(10%+5digit)
 Measurement range: 0.1M-200GΩ
 Test voltage: setting range 0.5kV-10kV, accuracy: 5%±10V
                            Continuous and smooth adjustment 
 Short-circuit current: >5mA
 Measurement time:1-10mins(related with measurement mode)
 Rechargeable power supply: 180-270VAC, 50/60Hz±1%
 Working environment: Temperature -10-40℃, relative humidity 20-80%